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GENERAL FAQs | About .select

What is .select?

The .tel is the only top level domain (TLD) that offers a free and optional hosting service that allows individuals and businesses alike to store and manage all their contact information and media directly in the DNS without the need to build, host or manage a website. A typical top-level domain stores IP addresses in the DNS and returns them when queried. If you do not wish to use the free Telhosting service, that is fine as you can use your .tel for any purpose of your choosing e.g. hosting your own website.

Who can register a .select domain name?

.select domain names are available for anyone to register around the world.

How much does a .select domain cost?

The cost of a .select domain name varies between Registrars. Please contact your domain name Registrar of choice to find out about their latest offering. For a list of participating .select Registrars, please refer to the Register page.

Where can I register a .select domain name?

.select domain name registrations are available through registrars that have been accredited to do business by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, and may also be offered by resellers and hosting providers that operate under a contract with one of the accredited registrars.

For a list of all resellers selling .select domain names, please click here.

If I don’t see my provider listed as an accredited .select registrar, can I still register my .select domain name with them?

.select domain names are available through directly accredited registrars and their resellers. If your registrar is a reseller of a directly accredited .select registrar you may still be able to register your domain name with them. To check whether your provider offers .select domain name registrations, please visit their site directly.

For what term can I buy a .select domain?

Typically, registrars will allow you to register domain names for up to 10 years.


What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique word or phrase in a particular format that allows people to find information on the Internet. The Domain Name System maps domain names to servers where the content resides, based on each server’s Internet Protocol (IP) address (for example, or 2001:503:A83:0:0:2:30). Instead of accessing information by IP address, a domain name allows people to navigate to Web sites and send email using familiar, easy to remember names (i.e.

What is a domain name registry?

For the Internet to function and to prevent duplication of domain names there has to be one authoritative place to store registration information for domain names in a specific domain name extension. Each extension (example: “.select”) has an authoritative registry, which manages a centralized database. The registry inputs the information about domain names in zone files to enable communication over the Internet for applications like credit card processing, bank transactions as well as Web browsing and email. A registry provides this service to registrars who accept registrations from domain name registrants.

What are domain name registrars?

Registrars provide domain name registration services directly to registrants such as helping them find, register, renew, and delete domain names. They send the information to the registry for entry into the centralized registry database. Accredited Registrars of the .select Registry are those registrars that have been accredited to do business by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

What is a .select registrant?

A .select registrant is a company, organization or individual who registers a .select domain name

What is WHOIS?

Every registry is required to maintain a WHOIS database with details about registered domain names as well as contact information about the owners of such names. For each registered domain name, the publicly available WHOIS database includes the following information: domain name; registrar of record; the registrar’s referral URL; last updated date; contact details for Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing; and name server information. The .WHOIS database maintained by the Registry is the authoritative directory for all domain names registered in the .select namespace.

Domain Management

How can I transfer my .select domain to another domain name registrar?

To transfer your domain name to another registrar, you will need an Authorization Code (also called “Auth-Code”) – or domain password for verification and security purposes. Please contact your registrar to begin a transfer request and receive current registrar transfer policies. For security purposes, the .select Registry does not issue or confirm Auth-Codes to registrants for registered .select domain names.

Can I transfer or sell a .select domain name?

You can sell or transfer a .select domain just as you would with other domain names. Please be notified that according to ICANN regulations, domains can only be transferred to a different registrar after 60 days from the date of registration. After 60 days since the registration date you may contact your registrar to transfer your .select domain as required. You can only transfer a domain name before it expires.

What do I do if my .select has expired?

If your domain name expired, you need to contact your registrar about renewing. If you don’t know who your registrar is, you may search the WHOIS database for your domain name. The results will show the registrar responsible for registering your domain name so that you can contact them.

What should I do if someone infringes on a trademark I own with a .select domain name?

If you believe that your trademark rights are being infringed upon by someone who has registered a .select domain name, you can contact the domain owner directly by finding their contact information on the .select WHOIS . If direct contact does not resolve the conflict, then you have the option to utilize the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) or the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) which have been mandated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for domain dispute resolution.

How do I get information on who registered a particular .select domain?

The WHOIS service enables you retrieve information domain name holders, although individuals may opt out of WHOIS and hide some of their contact details.

Renewing your .select

How do I renew my .select domain?
You can renew your domain through your current provider. They may also have an option that you can set the domain to “auto renew” every year.
Can I renew with a different provider?
You can transfer to a different provider before the expiry date of your domain. Performing a transfer will automatically add a year to your registration term.
I forgot to renew, but my domain is still resolving and in an ||OK|| status. Do I need to do anything?
Your domain may have been auto-renewed by your provider. Check the “Expiry Date” in the WHOIS. If this is in the future, then your domain has been renewed and it is likely that your provider has already taken payment for this. If the expiry date is in the past, please contact your provider as soon as possible to renew before the name is deleted.
I forgot to renew and now my domain doesn't resolve - what can I do?
Your domain may still be in the redemption period, during which you as the domain owner may be able to redeem it depending on your provider’s policies and procedures. Domains in redemption will have a “Pending Delete” status in the WHOIS. If this is the case, you should contact your provider to discuss the possibility of redemption. This is likely to incur a premium fee, but your provider will be able to advise fully on this.

If the domain is no longer listed in the WHOIS it is available for general registration and you can purchase it as a new registration.

The domain I want to buy expired, but I still cannot buy it
Even though a domain has passed its expiry date it may still be renewed by the domain owner at any time during the 45-day auto-renewal period, or during the 30-day redemption period following a deletion. Unless a domain is expressly deleted by a registrar, it renews automatically for another year at the end of the 45-day period following its expiration.

Registrar Accreditation

How do I become a .select accredited registrar?

Direct Accreditation is available solely to ICANN Accredited Registrars. For more information on ICANN Accreditation, please go to ICANN’s website at If you are already an ICANN Accredited Registrar, you may contact us to get more information on the technical requirements and policies for the accreditation process to offer .select domain names to your customers or resellers.

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